WEBINAR on demand | Meet the next generation Optical Spectrum Analyzer

By: Edwin Luijks, Product Manager Yokogawa

As a developer of optical network components, you demand ever greater precision and accuracy from your Optical Spectrum Analyzers.

And with Yokogawa’s latest AQ6380 OSA, that’s exactly what you get. Our latest 30-minute webinar has all the details:

• Wavelength range 1200 to 1650nm – meet diverse measurement needs with one device
• Resolution up to 5 pico-meter – analyze waveforms not previously visible
• Automatic calibration - maintains consistent accuracy

In our webinar you’ll discover more about the outstanding features and benefits of the AQ6380 and how it can be used to enhance your optical research and development.

Yokogawa Precision Maker hosting this webinar:

  • Edwin Luijks, Product Manager Europe

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