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How S.E.A. guarantees efficiency and performance of high-value power transformers


S.E.A. is a manufacturer of oil-cooled, air-cooled and cast resin transformers that are globally used in power- transmission and distribution networks, railway infrastructure, factories and for industrial equipment. S.E.A. products are high-value assets which are expected to provide a return over a long lifetime of one, two or more decades. Quality, durability, safety and reliable performance are therefore the key characteristics that customers are looking for when they specify a new transformer or reactor. 

Read this case study to learn about:

• The undesirable effects that inefficiency – power losses – in any part of the power transmission and distribution network causes.
• Why the efficiency measurement made by S.E.A. must be extremely accurate.
• How and why S.E.A. has chosen to entrust these crucial transformer power measurements to the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer.

Download case study