More than a test tool...

If you can take just one measuring tool into the field, you need the DL350 ScopeCorder


Complete measurements

  • Lab class accuracy and precision
  • The capacity to record and analyse all the data you need (up to 50 days)
  • Configurable using 18 types of input module
  • Voltage & currents with isolation up to 1000V
  • Temperature, vibration, acceleration and frequency
  • 16 channel voltage and temperature scanners
  • Decode and trend CAN bus, LIN bus or SENT signals 

Complete portability

  • Mains, DC or rechargeable battery power
  • Slots for two ScopeCorder input modules
  • Intuitive electrical noise resistant touch screen
  • Analyse the power, harmonics and FFT of 3-phase systems
  • Position and global timing using GPS
  • Vibration resistant

For a limited period - 30% off*
You can buy a DL350 bundled with a 4 channel 16 bit isolated input module, sampling at 1 MS/s, for just a little more than you paid for a combined scope and multi-meter test tool.


*Terms and conditions apply. This offer is valid until the end of January 2018. The offer is valid in Europe only.